Teeny-Tiny Adventures

There’s a great patch of blackberries behind the yard where the goats are, and I’ve been trying to get all my ladies out there for a while now. Blackberries are a GREAT food source for them, and I don’t have to pay anything for it; win-win. It’s a great walk and snack in one.

It’s a little more difficult with Sari having kidded. The babies are tiny are not going to follow mom for that long trek, so my partner and I decided we’d just carry them.

Mom was a little frantic at where the babies were going, which was interesting, because usually she’s a calm cucumber and unfazed by anything. But we kept showing her the babies, and she calmed down.

The other goats were immediately overjoyed at the blackberry confections, though Sari was more nervous than anything. There was quite a lot of evil-eyeballing the dog.


The babies, on the other hand, were very interested in EVERYTHING.

Much blackberries were discovered!



There was, of course, the obligatory jumping on everyone.








And the nibbling.





And after a long day discovering the world, there was much napping.

We’ve decided on names: Beltane (for the black girl) and Inanna (for the blonde girl). They were born on Easter, so I figured I had to do something unique with the holiday. Thus, Beltane, the name of the ancient version of Easter, and Inanna, a character in an old story surrounding Easter that has remarkable similarity to the Christ rebirth story.

Plus, the names are just cool.


Author: DairyGoatDiaries

Goats have been in my life for 13 years now -- and I've enjoyed every (often aggravating) second. Beyond basic care and management, I'll be sharing humorous stories and bits and bobs of advice I've collected over the years. Follow me for good info -- or just for fun. Bonus: pictures of baby goats!

4 thoughts on “Teeny-Tiny Adventures”

    1. Yeah! The leaves and stalks are filled with all sorts of goodies for them. And where I’m at, all the tender leaves are just coming out, which is the BEST part… 😉

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