About Dairy Goat Diaries

This blog came by way of some prodding by family and some dreaming on my part. It is both a personal blog and an educational one. My hope is to share all the knowledge I’ve gained over the years about these crazy, wonderful animals – and hopefully make you laugh at crazy caprine antics, too.

My plan is to post once a week, on a different subject that will enlighten or entertain. Please comment on posts with questions or observations! Feel free to contact me privately for the same.

My history:

I was introduced to goats when I was 11, when my family and I moved next to a neighbor that had been raising dairy goats for 35+ years. And not just raising any dairy goats, but championship quality Nubians who won routinely at shows. When I showed up, she had about 40 full-time milkers, excluding maybe a dozen or so retired ladies, and bucks. This number only grew with my help.

It took about three seconds for goats to become my love and joy. Think horse crazy girls, only with goats. I spent every moment I could in the barn, to the point where my family would asked in exasperation if I was ever coming home. I wanted to learn everything; I wanted to participate in everything.

I spent five years learning everything from care and management, to how to best show them in the ring, to what excellent conformation really looked like. I won at 4H. I fell in love with newborn kids. I loved and lost some of my best friends. In a lot of respects, I discovered what humanity was.

It’s been 12 years since then.

Head to the Meet The Family page to see all my kids!


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