Meet The Family



Cocoa, one of my original babies, was returned to me with only one of her daughters, who I named Phoenix. Phe has the face of an angel and the temperament of a blonde cheerleader. Her signature move is rolling her head around (the equivalent of rolling your eyes), and has a habit of face-planting in your lap when she wants attention.


As a graduation present to myself, I bought Sari, an opinionated, butthead of a lady who doesn’t take no for an answer. She loves food, and then affection. In massive quantities. In that order. She’d be a pain in my butt except that she also routinely falls asleep in my lap if I lay outside reading or writing, which makes her adorable. And probably means she actually does love me.


As a moving in present when I moved in with my fiancée, he bought me Blackberry and Sauvignan Blanc. Blackberry is the neediest goat you’ll ever meet, who practically goes comatose when you give her attention and will follow you to the ends of the earth.


Sauvie came to me as the the biggest sweetie, very shy, and intensely curious about everything. Since then he’s turned into a hormonal, raging butthead — kidding, totally kidding. He’s still sweet, but he got his backbone in the past year and likes to push his weight around. He’s a little bit of an airhead and doesn’t know what to do with himself when he gets attention, which usually results in him running around like he’s insane before creeping back and wanting more attention. That’s bucks for ya though.


Sassinach (Sassy) is a mutt, born of a purebred Nubian and a boer/Toggenburg/Nubian mix. She’s half of the Devil Twin duo, of which they were named because of their proficiency for getting into (and out of!) EVERYTHING. Duchess being the other half. Both of them were surprise babies that ended up winning me over so now I keep them. Sassy is kind of like the daydreaming stoner kid that never quite knows what’s going on but everyone loves because she’s adorable.


(Also Known As: Goat Houdini, Master of the three-legged run, and the World’s Most Expensive Pasture Ornament)

Duchess is the other half of the Devil Twin duo. Her extended name comes from the fact that she broke her leg in late June 2016 (after leaping over a six foot fence) and after months of trying to get it to heal, we ended up having to amputate. She is a complete sweetie, even if she is the most stubborn and proficient at getting in trouble animal I’ve ever met.



On Friday the 15th of January 2016, these adorable beautiful babies were born from Blackberry and Rhett (a buck owned for a while before selling to keep his son). Magnolia (the girl) and Aztec Gold (the boy) take after their mother in that they’re the loudest kids on the planet, and have spaz attacks where they forget everything they have in their head. Good thing they’re so dang cute and sweet.

They also hold a special significance for me. All of the babies I’ve cared for up until now were born under another’s name, or I bought them when they were older. These beauties are mine from the beginning.


Beltane and Inanna were born on Easter, 2016, from Sari and Sauvie. Sari was nice and I was actually there for the birth — though, the babies were also positioned wrong, so it might have been disastrous if I hadn’t been there.

Beltane is a little, fiesty version of her mother, and Inanna is pretty much the sweetest little copy of her father.

Completed Stories:

Mystical Cocoa

Cocoa was my baby and my showmanship animal from my teen years. She was returned to me after college — the only one I raised that was returned to me — along with her daughter, Phoenix. She lived ten years, was stubborn as a mule, and the pickiest eater I’ve ever met. I won her heart by giving her “scratch-fests,” and she almost always chose affection over food.

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